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Is Teeth whitening a safe option for me?

Teeth whitening can vary with every individual as the results are not the same for everyone. It won’t whiten the colour of any existing restorations like Crowns, Veneers or fillings. It is important to have a dental examination prior to Teeth whitening as any existing gum disease, tooth decay, gum recession may need treatment or could affect adversely. Recommendation is to avoid teeth whitening if pregnant, breastfeeding or currently taking skin medication for photosensitivity.

Avoid consuming food or drinks like Red wine, Coffee, Tea, Coloured energy or soft drinks immediately after and upto 24 to 48 hours after teeth whitening to achieve optimal results. You also have the option of On Chair Teeth Whitening that takes two to three weeks or Take Home Teeth Whitening for an instant result.

Ensure your teeth and gums are healthy prior to Teeth Whitening for it to be Safe and effective.

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